blast collection

Originally part of the Experience range, the Blast family has became more and more popular in the last years. For 2020 we have finally completed the series by introducing the new Blast Extra Dry Ride, now available in 3 different sizes. The New Blast Ride, only available in the “Extra Dry” version, perfectly fits with the Crashes and Hi Hats. They are extremely controlled and provide a warm dry sound with overall controlled frequencies concentrated in the low medium range area. The Crashes are still available in two versions, “Bright” and “Extra Dry”; explosive and trashy with short decay the first one, darker warm and dryer the second one. The Hi Hats are dynamic and powerful in the Bright version; versatile, warm and controlled in the Extra Dry.

Main Features

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20

  • Production:

    Cast using the Rotocasting® process.
    Completely handmade and Hand hammered.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Fusion, Jazz, Pop, Rock.

  • Sound:

    The “Bright” version delivers a full, explosive, trashy and oriental sound, while the Extra Dry are warm, dark and fast.