Designed in close cooperation with Adriano Molinari (Zucchero), one of our main endorsers, the Vibra move from the concept of the Blast Crash, evolving into a more contemporary and unique sound.
The special hammering process applied to the Vibra is based on the traditional UFIP hand manufacturing method, but with a more intense labour process, to create that special UFIP Vibra tone. This hammering procedure, together with a unique appearance, confers to the Vibra an incredible sound.
The crashes are explosive, with great attack and medium decay. The Rides are controlled with a good stick definition, while the Hi Hats are powerful, dynamic and designed to meet any music style.

Main Features

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20

  • Production:

    Cast using the Rotocasting® process. Completely handmade. Hand hammered with a special double cross procedure.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Pop, Fusion, Acoustic, World Music, Rock

  • Sound:

    Fast and dynamic, modern and mellow