est. 1931

After a long process of research and experimentation, in close cooperation with our Artist Federico Paulovich, the new “Est.1931 Series” is here, as a tribute to the year of our company’s foundation. “Est.1931” cymbals are dry, smooth, warm with a traditional sound, but updated to perfectly fit new modern music styles. Crashes are dark, warm, smoky, soft, very low pitched, with a soft response and short sustain. Rides are extremely dry, musical, very controllable with an excellent stick definition, but still crashables. Hi Hats feature a warm chick, dry sound, good response and great control.

Main Features

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20

  • Production:

    Cast using the Rotocasting® Procedure, especially designed with a small bell for a perfect control, hand hammered, fine tuning.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Traditional and modern Jazz, Big band, Funk, Pop, Drum and Bass and all the acoustic and modern music styles

  • Sound:

    Dry, smooth, warm, soft sound, with frequencies concentrated in the low range