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January 18 2020

Check out all the news for 2020 we presented at NAMM:

> Omnia Series: made in B20 Cast Bronze through our patent Rotocasting® System, these cymbals, in spite of a more traditional look, deliver a modern and contemporary sound. Extremely versatile, Omnia is the right choice for a wide range of music styles, from Rock to Pop, from Fusion to Rhythm and Blues; ideally suited for both live and studio applications. The Crashes have great attack with a perfectly controlled sustain; the Rides are extremely musical, versatile, with a great stick definition; while the Hi Hats are dry, very dynamic with good projection. The Crashes are available from 16” to 21”; the Rides from 20” to 22”; the Hi Hats in 14” and 15”.

> Blast Collection Extra Dry Ride: originally part of the Experience range, the Blast family has became more and more popular in the last years. For 2020 we have finally completed the series by introducing the new Blast Extra Dry Ride, now available in 3 different sizes (20”, 21”, 22”). The New Blast Ride, only available in the “Extra Dry” version, perfectly fits with the Crashes and Hi Hats. They are extremely controlled and provide a warm dry sound with overall controlled frequencies concentrated in the low medium range area.

> Symphonic Series: the Symphonic Cymbals offer a perfect combination between tones and harmonics, along with a clear articulation, and extended dynamic range.
They deliver a traditional full bodied, all purpose sound with an overall controlled sustain. The Symphonic are made in B20 Cast Bronze, completely handmade and carefully matched. Available from 14” to 22” in 3 different weight categories: French (Light), Viennese (Medium), German (Heavy). Leather straps and cymbal bag included.

> Orchestral Series: designed in close cooperation with Franco Cardaropoli, the percussion Master at the San Carlo Theatre of Naples, the new Orchestral are the result of a long process of research and development. The particular shape of the New Orchestral, combined with a different hammering technique, delivers a more contemporary and modern sound, with a perfect control of the overtones, fast attack and a more moderate decay. These pairs are very sensitive bright, not too loud, and fit perfectly in every orchestral environment. Made in B20 cast bronze, completely handmade and carefully matched, the New Orchestral are available from 16” to 22” in 3 different weight categories: French (Light), Viennese (Medium), German (Heavy). Leather straps and cymbal bag included.

> Suspended Series: made from B20 cast bronze, the Suspended cymbals are available in 3 different finish and in 3 weight configurations: Heavy weight is rich, bright and delivers a perfect combination of high and low overtones; Medium weight is warm, smooth, shimmering, sensitive and offers a wide tonal range; Thin weight is dark, fast, smooth for crescendos and perfect for accents.

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