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August 28 2015

The long awaited New Vibra Series is here !! This was a result of extensive research and development to create a more modern and innovative sounding cymbal for the professional drummer. Developed in close cooperation with one of our main endorsers, Adriano Molinari (Zucchero), the UFIP New Vibra derived from the concept of the Blast Crash and evolving into a more modern unique sound, but still capturing that traditional authentic cymbal tone which UFIP is renowned for.
The special hammering process applied to the new Vibra is based on traditional UFIP hand
manufacturing method but with a more intense labour process to create that special UFIP Vibra tone. This hammering procedure, together with a unique appearance, confers to the Vibra an incredible sound; the Crashes are explosive, with great attack and medium decay. The Rides are controlled with a good stick definition, while the Hi Hat’s are powerful, dynamic and designed to meet any style of music.

Made in cast Bronze B20, completely handmade, the New Vibra are available in the following sizes:
Splashes 10″-12″
Crashes 16″-17″-18″-19″-20″-21″
Rides 20″-22″
Hi Hats 14″-15″

Main Features:
Alloy: Cast Bronze B20
Production: Patent Rotocasting method, deep hand hammered cymbal manufacturing.
Level: Professional
Application: Pop, Fusion, Acoustic, World Music, Rock
Sound: Fast and dynamic, modern and mellow

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